Jessica Adaszynski (she/her)

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Hello, I’m Jessica a Registered Physiotherapist. I have been practicing Physiotherapy since 2011 and completed my pelvic floor Physiotherapy training in 2018. I have two children who were delivered by Tshengi and Lynne (one by each!)

After the birth of my eldest child, I found myself needing the services of a pelvic floor physiotherapist. The experience I had made me appreciate just how important this area of the body is and how when there is dysfunction it can impact every facet of life. This is such a dynamic area of the body capable of changing for the demands of childbearing and beyond. 

Since completing my pelvic floor training in 2018, I’ve practiced pelvic floor physiotherapy in a number of settings, both privately and in public health. My favourite areas include promoting continence and persistent pelvic pain. 

Outside of my private clinic at TCM, I continue to work in and promote pelvic floor physiotherapy in our publicly funded healthcare system. I also assist with pelvic floor teaching labs and promoting pelvic floor education with my colleagues at Full Circle Physiotherapy.


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